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Abdul Majeed Weaving Industry

Formed in 1950, the company started its production in Velvet Manufacturing, and thus holds the honour of being among the pioneers in the relevent field.
After a decade of quality production we started to produce sofa cloth as it was the most innovative move at that time, after that the company started to produce prayer mats, and our prayer mats are being used in a large number in the Muslim countries.
In 1995, we completely changed our setup just to move with time and total German machinery, shuttle-less looms were installed to compete the market.
In 1997, we moved to center-piece manufacturing and prayer mats for mosques, and by the grace of God we hold the strongest position in this field. Our manufactured center-pieces are liked by our clients, because of their durability and creative designs.

Mr. Shahid Pervaiz ( Founder and Chairman )

“A story of a dream of a man who never lost faith in it and never wavered from persuading it.”

AM-Weaving Industry founder and chairman Mr. Shahid Pervaiz is the man behind AM-Weaving success and vision.Mr. Shahid Pervaiz possesses over 50 years of experience in nearly every facet of area rug production. When he started AM-weaving very few rug companies existed in the market capable of meeting the growing demand for fine hand-knotted Pakistan rugs. Sourcing and production facilities were scattered, segregated, and had profound quality issues, resulting in poor public perception among the international rug-buying clientele. Mr. Shahid Pervaiz is credited as the first man to bring all production pillars under single roof, so that designers can collaborate with weavers and dyers to produce unparalleled quality carpet. Interaction and collaboration between artisans proved to be the key component of producing the finest quality hand knotted rugs.

It was small at the beginning; a humble start in the city of Gujranwala. But, under Mr. Shahid Pervaiz capable leadership and vision, AM-Weaving Industry has grown to become the world leader in producing handmade area rugs. Today,Mr. Shahid Pervaiz oversees production at factories in tow City of Pakistan and AMWeaving Industry is the number one exporter of hand-knotted rugs from Pakistan.

AM-Weaving Industry., Pakistan largest manufacturer of hand knotted rugs, has earned many appreciations in international arena, including reward from the Pakistani Government for its contribution towards making Pakistan carpets recognized worldwide.

Mr.Gohar Pervaiz (Managing Director)

Mr.Gohar Pervaiz , a business graduate, specializing in International Business Administration from Karachi University, joined as the Director of AM-Weaving Industry in September 2000, he is the only Son of our Founder, Mr.Gohar. He efficiently heads all the services provided by AM-Weaving Industry in over 1000 retail, designer and E-commerce accounts with more than 100 product lines. Born on 9 November, 1977, he is 40 yrs old & at such a young age he has been taking all important strategic decisions regarding systems and company policies related to technology, administration, higher Level recruitment, and other operational processes along with global Retail and Export, Sales and marketing of the company with utmost proficiency. He has proven to be a true asset to the company in a very short span of time. His dedication & hard work has resulted in an exponential increase in turnover & better relations with customers. Mr.Gohar is an outstanding example of perfection personified. He is all set to be an Ace Entrepreneur with his Ability, Innovation & Originality. Mr.Gohar Pervaiz has brought freshness to AM-Weaving working environment. Young minds breed innovative ideas & Mr.Gohar has revolutionized the work culture at AM-Weaving thereby boosting the sales figures & increasing the numbers of happy customers.

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